TutuApp Certificate Revoked

TutuApp Certificate Revoked: We can see that“TutuApp Certificate Revoked” is the buzz word among the TutuApp users who are using TutuApp Free version, Tutu Helper Regular and the Paid version, Tutu Helper VIP. We all know how popular TutuApp is and what it is offering to its users. TutuApp has been the best iOS App Store for non-jailbroken iOS devices to install Paid apps and tweaked games for free and without jailbreak. Many times, you might have observed that TutuApp suddenly stops working and it just won’t open. Do you ever thought of the reason why? This is because of TutuApp Certificate Revocation. You might come across the words TutuApp Certificate Revoked, while you are using TutuApp, may be from your friends or other TutuApp users. Here, I will tell you what exactly “TutuApp certificate revoked” means.

tutuapp certificate revoked

tutuapp certificate revoked

“TutuApp Certificate Revoked” What it means?

This is the fact that all the apps need to be signed by Apple Developer ID Certificate before they can be installed on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Basically all the apps including TutuApp/Tutu Helper you find in TutuApp are signed by Apple Developer ID Certificate by the Tutu Team. All the apps which are signed by Apple’s certificate should be made available via Apple App Store, but to provide paid apps for free and to provide tweaked apps, Tutu Team signs all the apps by Apple certificate and they made all apps available via Tutu Helper. This is the violation of Apple’s Policy. So, the certificate will be revoked by Apple and when that happened, you won’t be able to use/install the apps signed with that certificate any more including TutuApp as well. All you can do is to delete and re-download TutuApp once Tutu Team resigns the app.

This is the problem which you will face more often with Tutu Helper Free version, but with Tutu Helper VIP version, you will get more stable version of TutuApp and all the apps downloaded from TutuApp will be more stable when compared to the apps downloaded from Tutu Helper Regular version. After March 1, 2017. TutuApp Team increased the price of TutuApp Subscription from $9.99 to $12.99/year. Choice is yours!!

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